Sanitation Work Services :

Sanitation or cleanliness is vital for a healthy and happy society. We often see people suffering from various diseases due to the lack of proper sanitation. Today the government of India has made sanitation a movement under which everyone wants to contribute. However, we have been doing sanitation work services in Bhubaneswar since 2010.

Sunshine group is equipped with a professional team that works with corporate, government institutions and other small businesses to keep the society waste-free and clean. Bhubaneswar is a developing city where sanitation matters the most. Sunshine group provides quality manpower and modern technology to boost the sanitation work services in Bhubaneswar. Our main goal is to eradicate diseases and bring awareness to keep our society clean. Therefore we mainly operate in Bhubaneswar with a dream to expand our bases across India soon. For our sanitation work services, we have been awarded many prestigious rewards in Bhubaneswar.